Welcome to Lighthouse!

Lighthouse Ministries: is a non-profit organization (501(c)3)  serving the poor and homeless in Tuolumne County. Our objective is to not only assist the homeless to get off the street and advance them toward rehabilitation, but to transform their lives in a way that only God can offer. We are dedicated to living out the mandate of Christ in Matthew 25, which includes feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and inviting in the stranger. Furthermore, as Jesus came to proclaim the Good News to the poor, we also offer His promise of new life to all who are in need, not by coercion, but through love

Our Goals:

Begin to establish relationships with the homeless by mobilizing needed resources to where they are living.  Establish at least one fully staffed emergency shelter.  Partner with individuals, businesses and churches to raise funds, acquire properties and gather resources, human and otherwise (material and labor).....more

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